What’s the Difference Between 90 Degree and 180 Degree Hybrid Couplers?

A hybrid coupler is a directional coupler that is designed to split power equally among two ports. They are most frequently created from two coupled transmission lines that are set near enough together that energy which passes through one is coupled to the other.

Hybrid couplers come in two types: 90 degree hybrids (also known as quadrature hybrids) and 180 degree hybrids. But what is the difference between the two?

90 Degree Hybrid Couplers

90 degree hybrid couplers are four-port devices that are used to either equally split input signals with a 90 degree phase shift among output ports or to mix two signals while upholding high isolation between the ports.

When power is received at the IN port, half of the power travels to the zero degree port while the other half is coupled to the 90 degree port. Any reflections from mismatches that are sent back to the …

Install Proper Drainage for Your Patio Deck

A backyard patio is the ideal retreat from your work indoors. If you don’t have a drainage for your deck, a toxic pool of water forms under the deck every time it rains. Deck drainage systems are designed to prevent the accumulation of water that ruins your patio. Learn more about these systems and the consequences of not having one in your yard.

Standing Water

Pools of water collect under decks that have broken drainage systems. Standing water is a harbor for large amounts of toxins, bacteria and insects. The polluted water could spread to nearby water sources, such as lakes, causing widespread contamination and the spread of waterborne diseases.

Algae and mold develop in watery areas and create odors that rise above the decks. Black mold is a serious hazard that causes respiratory problems when inhaled. Odors make it unbearable for people trying to relax on the deck.


Reasons To Hire A Professional To Install Your Outdoor Lighting

If you want to install outdoor lighting, then you should consider having a professional do so. You may feel qualified to do this yourself, but it is best for you to allow a professional to handle this. There are several ways that you can benefit from allowing outdoor lighting professionals to take care of the job.

Professional Grade Fixtures

Many homeowners buy fixtures that they find at their local hardware store. The reason that they choose these products is because they are inexpensive and can be installed by anyone. However, a professional grade lighting fixture is more complex and has to be installed by a lighting professional. If you hire a professional, then you will have access to lighting fixtures that you will not be able to find in your local hardware store.

Faster Installation Time

If you do not know a lot about electricity, then it can be difficult …

You Can Still Get Tick Bites Even If You Do Not Have Pets

You do not have to have dogs or cats or be around livestock to have a tick problem. Considering that one tick bite could potentially infect you or a loved one with anything from Lyme disease to Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, a single tick is a problem. Even a casual walk in your own yard can lead to tick bites. Here is how to minimize the risk.

Ticks Do Not Jump

It is a myth that ticks will jump on you. Fleas jump. Ticks hitch a ride on warm-blooded animals by questing. That is, they hang onto a leaf or blade of grass with one pair of legs while reaching out with their forelegs to grab onto a passing mammal to get a blood meal. Tall grasses and other vegetation close to where warm-blooded creatures pass by, including you, are prime spots to wait. Trim tall grasses in wild …