How to Make Your Vacation Rental House Successful


More people are renting out the spare room or home to travelers who need a place to stay in the local area. Not only does it offer the chance to supplement your income, but it can be a great way of meeting new people. When you want to practice your gift of hospitality, there are a few ways to make your rental house successful.


Put Snacks Out

Your guests will likely arrive hungry when they show up after traveling on the road or in the air, making it necessary to put a few snacks out to help them refuel with snacks. Consider placing a big basket of chips, trail mix, granola bars, and water bottles on the kitchen table to ensure that they feel accommodated and can take some of the items on the go. According to, you can also put candles out or leave the lights on if they’re coming in late at night.



Communicating is key to ensuring that your guests’ needs are met. Make it a point to contact them a few days before they arrive to ask if they need to have anything on hand or stocked up in the rental. Make it easy for the guests to contact you by keeping your phone on at all times and responding quickly to email. For guests who have longer stays, consider offering a complimentary cleaning service.

You can also check in with the guests after the first night to ensure that they have everything that they need. Checking in will also show that you care and can make it easier for them to address any questions or concerns.


Offer Modern Amenities

It’s important to create a home away from home for your guests where they can enjoy the same amenities that they have in their own place. Consider offering Netflix or cable television where they can watch movies at night. Adding new appliances will also make it easier to wash dirty clothes or do the dishes. A Keurig machine will also prove to be useful for coffee-drinkers who want a quick and easy way of making coffee each morning.

If the home is larger add a small desk, computer, and printer that is available, which can attract more individuals who are traveling for business. You can even have a bin of toys available for families who are traveling with children, according to


Be Honest in Your Listing

Although you may want to attract more people to your listing and convince travelers to book a stay, you won’t get good reviews if you mislead guests on the quality of the property. Remain accurate and honest with the photos and description that you provide to ensure that guests know what to expect when they arrive. If you give them a clear picture in the ad, they won’t be disappointed with their experience. Check these guys out to learn more.

When you want to increase your revenue and attract more people to your house for rent, there are several steps to take to ensure that your guests are satisfied. By preparing for each guest’s visit, you can increase your chances of having positive reviews and booking more reservations throughout the year.



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