Install Proper Drainage for Your Patio Deck

A backyard patio is the ideal retreat from your work indoors. If you don’t have a drainage for your deck, a toxic pool of water forms under the deck every time it rains. Deck drainage systems are designed to prevent the accumulation of water that ruins your patio. Learn more about these systems and the consequences of not having one in your yard.

Standing Water

Pools of water collect under decks that have broken drainage systems. Standing water is a harbor for large amounts of toxins, bacteria and insects. The polluted water could spread to nearby water sources, such as lakes, causing widespread contamination and the spread of waterborne diseases.

Algae and mold develop in watery areas and create odors that rise above the decks. Black mold is a serious hazard that causes respiratory problems when inhaled. Odors make it unbearable for people trying to relax on the deck.

Rotting Wood

Most patios are made of weatherproof materials, but some are made of unsealed wood that is susceptible to water. An ineffective drainage system does a lot of damage to a wooden deck. Standing water is known to rot wood, especially in places where the water has remained long term. Over time, the wooden structures break apart and develop mold, which adds more to the patio’s destruction.

Leaks and Stains

The water that collects under your deck could damage the foundation, making the house more unsettled. In some homes, leaks form in the basement, making the room appear to be flooded. Over time, unsightly stains could appear on the walls. Water stains that remain for long periods of time are difficult to remove without the help of professional cleaners.

The Benefits of Drainage

After a rainstorm, a proper drainage prevents the water from collecting under the wood and releases it throughout the yard. The system works to collect the rainwater and direct it away from the house. With less moisture around, the deck remains clean and durable for many years without any concerns.

As a patio owner, you may not have considered the ways that your deck handles rainwater. You don’t consider the importance of having proper drainage until it’s too late. Once you invest in a system, the damage has already been done. Then, you have to pay more to repair the deck than it costs to install a drainage. Ask a contractor about your options with deck drainage systems and consider getting one for the home.


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