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Things that Must be Checked in Your Home to Ensure that the Home is Healthy

The many environmental hazards in your home can harm a lot of children yearly. Know that maintaining that healthy home as well as the living environment is a very important thing that you can do for yourself as well as the family’s welfare. The landlords and their tenants should work together to be able to achieve a healthy living space which avoids causing violations, illness or nuisances.

Keep these things in mind when thinking of making those improvements or changes or just during the general upkeep of the house. When you want to have a healthy home, it should be ventilated, pest-free, clean, dry, maintained, safe and also free from various contaminants. You have to apply the basic principles in your house or the apartments to be able to prevent different home health hazards and also work to make such living space so much better.

The mold may make you ill and can worsen the asthma symptoms. You need to avoid mold through getting rid of the excess moisture and also humidity in your house. You may do so through making sure that your house is both dry and also ventilated properly.

It is also very important that you check on home safety. You need to avoid the injuries caused by fires, choking, suffocation, poisoning and other kinds of accidents. Such disasters can be prevented by upholding quality of the home appliances, the fire alarms, the railings, light fixtures and stairs. The home must also be poison-proofed or it should be contaminant-free in general.

You must also ensure that the house is kept smoke-free. The presence of secondhand smoke is dangerous to the people who are exposed to this. Know that secondhand smoke would also trigger asthma which is a serious lung disease from which around 20 million Americans have such problem.

Make sure that the house doesn’t have lead too. This may occur if the adults or the children ingest dust which has lead. This would take place commonly in older homes which used the paint that is lead-based.

In those cleaning products used in the house, they must be safe for everyone. Commercial cleaning products have irritants that can trigger an asthma episode. Using those green cleaning products or cleaners that are made from those common household ingredients like liquid soap, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide is one way to keep the home, the children and environment safe from danger.

You have to check for the presence of pests around the house. Rodents and the roaches can harm the family because they can cause asthma and allergies.


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