Why Drunk Sex Can Hurt Your Relationship


Good communication, attraction, and great sex are the 3 major factors that usually form strong, healthy, and long-lasting relationships. Not only orgasms feel good but also help a couple feel closer and more open. Nevertheless, there are certain issues regarding alcohol and how it hurts potentially nice relationships. Therefore, when dating people in real life or on dating sites free online find here, it is important to know about partner’s alcohol preferences so that it doesn’t damage your potential sexual life.

The influence of alcohol on relationships

Very often, people drink alcohol on various social occasions as well as during dates and if too much is consumed, then it might become a problem in any relationship. If you know that your partner has some difficulties with reducing alcohol consumption, then something definitely should be done about it even though it is a pretty sensitive issue and usually people want to solve it by themselves.

Keep the relationships on track

Freely flowing alcohol can be found basically everywhere without searching much. But you should always remember about its negative influence on your partner.

First of all, alcohol has a tendency of changing physical, psychological, and emotional perceptions and it always leads to troubles that are blown out of proportion.

Second of all, after drunk sex, couples often argue and fight even over minor things. Sometimes, these fights lead to serious consequences after which people regret it. Drinking to excess has never demonstrated any positive outcomes in terms of relationships.

Third of all, drunk sex is always a ground for jealousy and paranoia. Studies have proved that these 2 characteristics are common among people who drink too much.

Fourthly, drunk sex ruins relationships because intoxicated people argue and break up hundreds of times under the influence of alcohol. Additionally, when being drunk, people often say things they wouldn’t ever say in a sober condition.

Fifthly, people consider that drunk sex is way more fun and enjoyable, whereas in real life the situation is totally different. Drunk sex is something that will not even be remembered but will only leave an unpleasant trace for a long time.

Great and healthy sexual interaction should not include alcohol but should include feelings, emotions, and respect. There is a very important rule to be applied when dating: “Don’t hurt your relationship with drunk sex.”


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