5 Signs You Need Replacement Windows

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When you have lived in a house for a really long time, you can usually tell when it is time to upgrade certain things in and around your home. Like after a few years you might want to deeply clean or trade out your carpet or other floorings, or maybe there are a few roof panels that you need to get fixed, a lot of obvious things that you know you have to get around to do. Something people don’t really think about as often is when is it appropriate to replace your windows?

I know it sounds crazy, how can I not know when to replace something I use practically every single day? Well, if the issues aren’t right in front of you, you might not think of it. If it’s dirty, you clean it because you see that it’s dirty, but some things don’t show up as easily as dirt or dust. Here are 5 signs you need to place your windows.

Number one, they’re broken or damaged. This is a pretty obvious reason to fix a window. If it’s broken then it obviously isn’t doing its job as a window and it’s more like an open invitation for bugs, or for the outside air to get in. And if it’s damaged and won’t open or close properly, then it also contributes to those problems or vice versa and it’s time to get some replacement windows and throw out the old broken ones.

Two, you should replace your windows if your electricity bill has gone up significantly. Before we get ahead of ourselves and you start questioning how a window can affect your bills, it’s the same reason as number one. If you have a window that won’t seal properly then it can let the good air in your home out and let all of the bad stuff in. Meaning your heating and air systems are going to work harder to keep your house at your desired temperature which will end up raising your bill.

Three, if your home just went through a massive storm like a tornado or a hurricane, it might be a good reason to get some replacement windows. Strong storms and strong wind can wear down the strength of your windows. Which means that the next time a severe storm comes through your windows might not be able to handle all of the pressure and could possibly break. Any large gust of wind comes through and you could have a bigger problem on your hands.

Four, if you want to remodel. If your home is looking out of date and you want something new and fresh, installing a new set of windows into your home can make it look a million times better and it can be a great start to a remodeling process.

Five, if you just bought yourself a new old home. If you are now the owner of a really old building or house, it is always a good idea to start by replacing the windows. You don’t have to change anything about the carpet or inside doors, but to ensure that you and your family are safe, it’s best to start your new home with a fresh set of windows. You never know what the old windows have been through before you got there and like I said before, if there was a big storm, these windows could give out at any gust of air.