8 Mind-Blowing Architectural Attainments of the Ancient World

History shows that humankind has always had a great interest in architecture. What humans have achieved in architecture in the past has set the pathway for modern architects around the world, such as Guernsey architects. Let’s take a look back at what the ancient world of architecture had to offer.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt has created some of the most well-known architectural attainments. They build complex structures, many of which still stands to this day. How some of the structures were constructed still puzzle modern day architects to this day.|

  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza

Perhaps one of the most famous architectural structures around the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza is one of Egypt’s architectural landmarks. It is the oldest and also the largest pyramid in the Giza pyramid complex, reaching the height of around 475 feet. As many people know, these pyramids were built to serve as the eternal resting place for three of the pharaohs of Egypt. This grand structure took a whopping 20 years to build and is made up of around two to three million limestone blocks.

  1. Abu Simbel Temples

Currently residing on a hill that is above the Aswan High Dam, the Abu Simbel Temples are indeed a sight to see. These two temples are carved out of a mountainside; it features several pharaohs resting on their thrones. These temples date back all the way to the 13th century BC, making them a fantastic piece of architecture especially for its time. These temples had to be carefully cut up into sections and reassembled to where it is now, as rising waters threatened the safety of these temples.

Ancient Mayan

The Mayans were also known for creating beautiful architectural structures. Many of their compositions were built to be sturdy and strong, which is why many of them are still standing today. Their designs are often more dramatic and one of a kind. They flaunt a completely different style from Egyptian architecture.

  1. Calakmul

Some fantastic structures that the Ancient Mayans have to offer are their pyramids, which significantly differs from the Egyptian pyramids. Their pyramids are still triangular, however many of them have steps to reach the top of the pyramid because they often placed temples there. And unlike the Egyptians, the Mayans preferred using smaller blocks that were similar to concrete.

  1. Palenque’s Temple of Court

The Ancient Mayans were religious people, so they built temples with altars that featured beautifully designed walls inside. A lot of temples can be found on top of the pyramids. However, they also make temples on smaller forms such as a mound. Palenque’s Temple of Court is an excellent example of a temple placed on top of a mound. The temple is simple yet intricate in design, making Mayan architecture genuinely unique.

Ancient Greece

When people think of old architectural attainments, Ancient Greece will probably pop in their minds. The Greeks created a distinct style in their architecture that made it have a classic and timeless look.

  1. Acropolis of Athens

On a hill that reaches about 260 feet in height sits the Acropolis of Athens. The Acropolis of Athens was the Greek Capital of Athens, so it is an ancient city that featured many great buildings of its time; however, a lot of those are not standing today.

  1. Meteora

Another architectural puzzle that puzzles many people today is Meteora. It’s comprised of six monasteries that sit on top of a sandstone cliff with no road that would have brought the materials to make it.

Ancient Babylon and Persia

Home to some of the most celebrated or most infamous rulers, Ancient Babylon and Persia are also noted for their grand architectural designs.

  1. Ishtar Gate

The Ishtar Gate was built on 575 BCE and was created to be the main gate of the city. King Nebuchadnezzar the Second requested for it to be built because he wanted to make the city look beautiful. The gate has designs of animals to signify their deities. Some of the gods that are on the gate are lions, dragons, and young bulls.

  1. Ziggurat of Ur

This ziggurat is the most well preserved one of its kind, which is impressive considering that it was constructed at around 2,100 BC. This was built to serve as a temple to the moon god called Nanna.

As amazing modern day architecture is, we can’t help but look back at the fantastic architectural attainments of ancient times. They show what humans were capable of without all the technology and equipment that we have today. Ancient architecture demonstrates that humans are capable of whatever they set their minds to.