American Style House Design

Each country has its own uniqueness in presenting the design and architecture of the house as a place to live, including the land of Uncle Sam, America. American-style house design is considered to have a high modernization value, besides its simple design actually has its own charm.
Simple designs are usually timeless and universal and neutral. Therefore, the American-style house design is suitable to be applied for a long period of time. So, are you interested in building a house that is as timeless as the American style house? Let’s take a look at the following American-style home designs.

Classical American Style House Shape

Building a dream house is one of the achievements that everyone wants to have. Having a comfortable residence is a dream, especially having a house with the model and design we want. There are many design options to choose from, one of which is a house with an American style. This American-style house is usually found in Georgia and Savannah.
Even though you live in Indonesia, you can also use American style designs as your home design inspiration. The characteristics of the American style house itself are generally classic American houses using red brick walls, a symmetrical facade design, having many windows, and using a gable roof.

Modern Ranch House

Ranch-style houses usually have a simple floor plan, have a garage, and a minimalist living room. This style has been around since 1932 and is still being built today. In the 1950s to 1960s this style was so popular that many people used this house style when building a house.
To create a modern farm design, the house can be built using a saw roof model that is tilted on one side only. Combine it with dark stone walls to create a modern feel for the ranch house.
Owning an American style home is great fun. The house will look unique, different from other houses around your house.

American Style House Neo Classical Design

If you like a big and majestic house, Neo Classical designs can be an option. The Neo Classic house is characterized by a high and wide terrace, a large pediment, and a symmetrical facade. This American home style is closely related to the colonial revival, because looking back in time, its American architectural design dominates the classical forms.

Queen Anne’s American Style House

Launching from This Old House, the characteristics of this Queen Anne-style house are the asymmetrical shape of the house, it has a ribbed and intersected roof, the shape of the building is like a tower with a niche-shaped window, and it contains patterned shingle material. Queen Anne’s style was already popular during the Civil War. This home style is the first home product in the American industrial era. Even though it is old, its classic design will make anyone stunned with its elegance.

Cape Cod American Style House

Quoting from Better Homes and Gardens, Cape Cod is one of the historic homes in America that has the characteristics of one floor with an attic roof. Has a steep roof model, has a chimney, has a simple front door, and a symmetrical placement of windows on both sides of the front door. Said to be historic because, this Cape Cod house was part of the Colonial Revival style that was popular in the 1920s to 1940s. At first houses in this style were made of shingles, but in the 20th century, these houses were clapboard, sometimes also made of brick.

Craftsman American House

The next American Style house that you can follow is the Craftsman style. Followers of the arts and crafts movement in England in the 19th century, especially a Californian craftsman named Greene rejected machine-made products and emphasized the beauty of natural handicrafts, hence the name Craftsman.
This house style uses handicrafts such as stone, brick, and wood. Houses in this style have two or one levels, the prominent characteristics are having a low roof, and having doors and windows that are installed extending horizontally. There is also a more vernacular version of the style, namely the Bungalow style or often also called the Craftsman Bungalow.

American House Colonial Revival Model

Another historic home style in America is the Colonial Revival style to commemorate the Dutch colonial days. This house has a magnificent design. At the entrance and around the large, symmetrical exterior appearance, usually installed windows that are lined up evenly. This model house also has a chimney. So if you make a house with the Colonial Revival style concept, you feel grandeur and get good air and light circulation because it has many windows that are lined up.