Carpet or hardwood flooring for allergies?

When making a choice between hardwood flooring or full floor carpeting, the issue of allergies always pops up. Rightly so, considering that so many people suffer from them and if you have children the effects might be worse on them.

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The argument for carpeting

Those promoting carpets will reveal that recent research has come up with results that show that a carpet, that has been thoroughly cleaned, will cut down on the risks that carpets are said to have in terms of allergies. They will claim that it trumps choices like grey laminate flooring or hardwood and is the better choice for asthma sufferers because all the dust in the air gets caught in the carpet and can’t be inhaled.

Another factor that affects allergy sufferers in the home is mould. Ensuring that the carpet is always clean and dry is one way of avoiding mould. It is a fact that mould does not grow on synthetic fibres. This is also a plus in the fight against allergies.

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What the NHS says

According to, up to 12 million Brits are affected by dust mites and other factors that affect people with allergies around the home. They even recommend choosing vinyl and hardwood over carpeting. Dust mites are extremely small insects that live in dust. They tend to accumulate in carpets and upholstered furniture. It stands to reason that avoiding carpeting will greatly improve your home if you are trying to make it an allergy-free zone.

Although wood is capable of rotting, growing mould and can be eaten by insects, expert wood flooring suppliers from places like Wood Floor Warehouse will advise you on the best choices to make for your home. Laminate flooring is also a good option against mould because it is easy to clean and is also synthetic.

Wood flooring is the better choice

Carpets have many benefits. It is generally much cheaper to install and replace, it feels good under your feet and can minimise the noise in a busy home. However, unless you keep it clean by vacuuming with a good vacuum cleaner and using professional products all the time, it is going to attract more dirt and allergy-causing elements to get trapped in your home.

For ease of cleaning and peace of mind, you cannot go wrong with a wooden floor.