Essential Tips When Choosing A Sauna For Home Installation

How to Build a Home Sauna - This Old House

We deserve to have a comforting moment at home with our loved ones after working for hours so treating ourselves would be abundant. Having dinner or watching television together with your family is a typical setting when everybody is present. These are events that we should certainly treasure because our kids are still living with us and later on, they’ll have their separate lives.

Therefore, we should start building more memoirs with our children while they’re still young. So aside from the typical customs with the family members, why don’t we make them a part of our régimes for bonding purposes? Since we like relaxing at saunas, let’s get one and install this at home instead of paying for these facilities somewhere.

If you’d like professional advice regarding this project, then check out sites, such as to learn how they can help. They surely have excellent designs to choose from but you should also look at the details, such as materials. These companies won’t simply sell but they’ll also help you decide based on your preferences, thus, make sure to be attentive.

Benefits of Installing Home Saunas

Some people think that we go to a sauna to enhance our social lifestyle. While for other folks, we’d go there to relax and meet with friends, too. I guess, you’d forgotten that staying steamed for some time is also a form of therapy.

Heat can help us to relax muscles, relieve joint pains, and release endorphins, thus, we’re dropping the levels of stress in our bodies. It’s also good for enhancing your cardiovascular health and immune system. Due to sweating, toxins are flushed out, so it can aid in rejuvenating our skin.

With such benefits that your body obtains after steaming, you’d surely make it a habit. We may not be using the sauna every day due to our hectic schedules. But we can always use it at the most convenient time.

Infrared or Traditional

Choose a sauna type based on your liking. Infrared and traditional types vary when it comes to producing heat. But they both deliver the same benefits to your health and how it functions in terms of relaxation.

For traditional ones, you heat the air through stoves by burning wood and heating rocks. Hotness is achieved at 150-180 degrees Fahrenheit with a 20 to 30% humidity rate. If you need a lower temperature, then you should select infrared types.

This uses light when penetrating heat and temperature can be controlled as well. These models are designed with 80% penetration at 120-140 degrees Fahrenheit and ceramic or carbon heater. Warmness is lower than traditional ones so bodies sensitive to heat can manage this – see for further reading.

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Space Limit and Safety Tips

Consider the area where you’d like to install your sauna, which could be indoors or outdoors. It would be best if the experts will come to measure your space for other requirements, too. This includes electrical wiring, plumbing, ventilation, drainage, etc. which professionals must deal with.

Before asking them to visit your place, make sure that you’ve already selected a space for installation. If this is for single or multiple heads, then allow the dimensions taken to help you agree. However, if you’re not sure where it must be assembled, then you may ask the contractor for pieces of advice.

Safety is measured not only when it comes to electrical connections but also through certifications. All materials used must be safe for steaming. Using non-toxic glues, tempered glass, auto-shutdown systems, etc. must be incorporated since they’re safer.

Wood Quality

We might not be familiar with the type of wood that must be assembled here. I guess, you don’t even know which one has good quality. Therefore, ask for suggestions because the providers know what’s best in your location.

Different woods come with their advantages, as well as, disadvantages. Some are economical and other kinds would be costly, especially the premium ones. Therefore, you should also consider your budget for this project.

In choosing this material, the timber must be chemical-free, moisture and heat-resistant. When talking about quality, it shouldn’t easily crack or warp and can retain its color for a longer time. Woods have a natural smell from minimal to strong aromatic scents left – read here for sanitation tips.

Budget and Warranty

You’ll ask for a quote anyway, so you’ll find out how much this project would cost. However, you should already have in mind an estimated budget. In this way, you’ll be ready and can start preparing the installation.

Keep in mind that installing this won’t be your only expense. I supposed you’ve already calculated the cost of your energy bill since you’ll be using electricity with infrared types.

Save something for regular maintenance, too. There could be warranties in the contract, so check on the coverage. With this, you’ll be certain of your expenses in the future.