Essential Tools For Electrical Linemen

Electrical linemen have an important and very dangerous job. Many of them come in contact with high voltage power lines so they have to be skilled and well-equipped to safely and effectively do their jobs in any situation. With the exception of a policeman, or a firefighter, electrical linemen have one of the most dangerous jobs you can do. In many cases, they have to climb up poles that are several feet off the ground while at the same time safely navigate high voltage power lines to do the proper repairs or maintenance, while ensuring they are not seriously injured or killed in the process.

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To do such a dangerous job the right equipment is of extreme importance. Many of the tools they use are heavily insulated to protect against high voltage shock and or electrocution. There are different types of tools in different categories. Below we will outline the many different types of lineman tools necessary to safely and effectively perform their duties. Many of these tools can be purchased at your local hardware store. But many of the tools are designed specifically with the electric lineman in mind.

Lineman Boots

Lineman boots are an essential part of the electrical lineman’s gear. Because climbing poles is an important part of the lineman’s functions and duties, a good pair of quality boots are essential to ensure the lineman’s success and safety. These boots, in many cases, are constructed of thick and insulated rubber of the highest quality. There are probably different types and brands of lineman’s boots but only a few are sufficient to do the job and meet the lineman’s needs and requirements.

Protective Suits And Gloves

Out of all the lineman’s protective gear, the gloves and protective suit, is probably the most important. The suit and the gloves protect the lineman against shock, scrapes, and cuts, and many other hazards they may encounter. The protective suit and gloves are an essential part of the lineman’s protective repertoire. The protective suit often consists of a hard hat, a protective vest, goggles, even a first aid kit is included to ensure he can be promptly treated in case of injury so the lineman can perform his duties safely, efficiently, and effectively.

Cable Knives And  Cutters

Cable knives and cutters are another essential part of the lineman’s work gear. Cable knives and cutters can usually be found alongside screwdrivers, pliers, and wrenches, etc. Normally all or most of the tools are heavily insulated to protect against shock. They have to be because cutting into a cable with tools that haven’t been insulated, when the power hasn’t been shut off, can prove fatal or result in serious injury.


Pliers are another part of the lineman’s repertoire of tools. Pliers are used to twist, bend, and even strip wire components as part of the linemen’s job function. They can also be referred to as lineman bending tools. This is necessary to perform many of the tasks that are part of the lineman’s work. These lineman bending tools are a must for every serious Electrical Lineman.

Nut Drivers

Nut drivers are another crucial component of the lineman tool-box. Many of the nut drivers come with insulation as well. Even if you’re going into an apprenticeship program having a set of nut drivers is necessary for participation in any apprenticeship program. They are often used for loosening or tightening nuts and bolts as well as torque functions.


Probably one of the more frequently used tools, screwdrivers are also very important to a lineman’s job functions and afford him the ability to effectively perform his job duties. The screwdriver is comprised of the tip, the shaft, and the handle. The handle is normally made out of many different materials designed to ensure the lineman can work without being concerned about a serious injury in the form of shock or electrocution.