How an open wine storage design will improve your kitchen look ( give advice on how to stock ) order from heartwood and oak

Serious wine collectors go for specialized equipment because wine storage is their full-time hobby. However, for an average homeowner, you don’t need to get too fussy about your wine rack. Most of the wine made in the world is always ready to drink, meaning you don’t need to remodel your kitchen to fit a pricey refrigerator because an open wine storage design will do.

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Gone are the days when good wine was an exclusive drink. Today, wine enthusiasts are spending between $9 and upwards of up to $30 to order wine from online wine stores like heartwood and oak. Storing of wine doesn’t require one to have a custom cellar, with a rack or a cooler you are good. So, if you want to place your wine order, from online wine stores like heartwood and oak, your best option is to read heartwood and oak reviews.

Here are tips to help you stock up your wine storage:

·        Champagne

While stocking up on champagne, look for Brut or Extra Brut selections for maximum versatility. Champagne can be paired with literally anything, but especially fried or salty foods, and special occasions. 

Champagne has texture and energy that other, non-Champagne-method sparklers cannot hope to achieve, because of its nuanced method of production.

·        Non-Champagne Sparkling

When stocking up with Non-Champagne Sparkling, look for Prosecco or domestic sparkling wine made in a traditional method. This pairs well with orange juice. 

Non-Champagne Sparkling is ideal when you’re hosting people who don’t like champagne.

·        White No. 1

These are the wines to look for when stocking up with white wine  Cuvée Eva Bordeaux Blanc, Cuvée Joëlle Mauzac, Cala De’ Poeti Vermentino I.G.T., or a vibrant and fruity Bayshore Vintners White Blend. Step away from the Pinot Grigio. We both deserve better. Pair with: chicken salad, seafood, fruits, and cheese.

·        Red No. 1

Red wines from this department are excellent for cooking. Whether you want to include it in your recipe or an accompaniment while cooking. Here’s what to look for when stocking up Cabernet Franc, Grenache, and Sangiovese. Pair with tomato sauce-based dishes, braises, and good music.

·        Red No. 3

Also known as Big Red. Here’s what to look for when stocking up Cabernet, Sauvignon, Syrah, or Shiraz. Pair with something bold, something stewed, something with marrow, or something blue (very rare steak).

Remember, if you enjoy wine and drink it regularly, you need to keep a few bottles on hand. An open wine storage design for your kitchen is ideal. But, avoid keeping your wine in direct line of UV light, and maintain temperatures of between 50° and 70°.