How Double Glazed Solar Panels Are Improving Energy Efficiency


Two scientists from the University of Warwick have built on the fundamental work of Tesla and Einstein to design double glazed solar panels. Dr Yorck Ramachers and Dr Gavin Bell have invented a product similar to the doubled glazed window.

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What are double glazed solar panels?

Existing solar panels use two glass layers with a vacuum as a filler between the layers. Double glazed solar panels replace this vacuum with an inert gas, which acts as additional insulation.

These double glazed panels work by ejecting electrons when hit by sunlight. The free electrons travel through the inert gas and are trapped by the transparent exterior layer, which conducts electricity.

The new design is a step forward for solar technology and will help to improve solar generation methods. Dr Bell has suggested that the new panel will be beneficial for other green technologies, including turning heat into electricity.

Physicists are currently testing which materials will be best to use for the panels, with diamond film a favoured option.

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Why are more people choosing solar panels?

Solar panels have increased in popularity in recent years, and by 2020 there’s likely to be 10 million homes with panels fitted.

The panels are designed to use the sun as a renewable energy source. Fossil fuels are running out, but the sun should be around for approximately 7.5 billion years. Solar panels help to protect the environment and ensure a bright future for new generations.

Solar panels can also help reduce energy bills by as much as £125 per year as electricity is not being taken from the national grid. You could even potentially make money by selling any surplus electricity generated back to the grid.

In Dublin windows and doors are being replaced with energy-efficient models and many consumers are choosing solar panel installation from a reputable provider such as

Solar panels can also increase the value of your home as houses with solar panels already fitted demand higher prices. Panels are becoming thinner and sleeker each year, increasing their aesthetic appeal.

With all the benefits that double-glazed solar panels bring, it seems technology has recently taken a great step forward, and that most of Britain and Ireland will soon be using renewable energy.