Is it Time to Replace Your AC System?

An air conditioning system is expensive to replace, but you will save money over the long run. Old systems consume far more energy than newer ones. Cooling and heating costs are a large part of your utility expenses, typically around 45{7a33b49856704021bc3a2eeb0f245917d4aea50a670505b45323f4986d1251b0}. If your bill begins increasing for no apparent reason, your air conditioning system may be to blame.

How Old is Your AC System?

Air conditioning systems will generally last from ten to fifteen years. If your system is ten year old or older, it may need replacing. Older systems are not as energy efficient, and the coolant is more difficult to find so it is expensive. Even if you have regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning system, age can cause it not to cool as it should.

An air conditioner removes humidity from your home and maintains the temperature to the desired setting. When rooms do not feel comfortable no matter how much you adjust the temperature settings, your air conditioning system is probably not functioning correctly. There may be issues with the duct work or something else.

Saving Money

An older AC system is like sinking money into an old car. Things continue to break down, and it costs more and more to repair. When repairs are needed constantly, you might save money by just replacing the system. It will be under warranty for a specific time, your energy costs will be less, and your home will be comfortable. This is why companies such as Gulf Shore Cooling offer ac replacement fort myers.

If you decide that you need to replace your air conditioning system, it is not always best to replace it with one of the same size. The home may have changed since the old system was installed. Have you added more space? Do you have more doors or windows? Has extra insulation been added to the home? All of these things can affect the type of cooling system needed.

A larger system is not always the answer. An expert analysis of your home will help you to choose the system that is right for your needs.