Modern Flooring Options


Flooring is an interior design necessity that is constantly evolving with new modern trends and styles. Large amounts of time and money have recently been invested by flooring manufacturers to improve the products appearance and construction. This has increased the variation of products available which has allowed interior designers to create a whole load of new modern styles. Here is a quick breakdown of all the current modern flooring options that are dominating the flooring market.

The first style of modern flooring is actually based around a very traditional style of flooring that was first used in French castles. If you guessed parquet flooring, then you are correct! The modern generation of designers are very creative, and they love to create their own patterns and designs. Parquet flooring is available in a herringbone or chevron style. A herringbone style is a perfectly rectangle plank, whereas the ends of chevron boards are cut at an angle to allow the planks to fit together in an arrow pattern. Parquet flooring is very popular due to its flexibility; however, it can be incredibly difficult to install. It is always advised that you ask a professional fitter to help you if you are unsure about installation.

A lot of modern designs involve bold colours as well as shiny sleek designs and that is exactly what this next flooring style offers. High Gloss Flooring is either solid or engineered wood flooring that is topped with a shiny reflective surface rather than the traditional oil or lacquer. Many individuals believe that maintaining a high gloss floor will be difficult, however it is incredibly easy to maintain as the high gloss finish also acts as a thick protective layer. The planks may show scratches easily, however this will not affect the toughness and any water damage will simply sit on top of the glossy layer until it is wiped clean. Interior designers love the glitz and the glamour and therefore high gloss flooring is very popular.

Finally, Vinyl Tiles are still one of the most misunderstood flooring products even though interior designers seem to use them all the time. When people hear the word vinyl they instantly associate it with the plastic sheet they had installed in their bathroom when they were children. However, Luxury Vinyl Tiles are completely different. Manufacturers have found a new technique which has allowed the thin vinyl strips to be turned into hardwearing plastic tiles that feel extremely strong underfoot. The vinyl tiles are glued down using a strong adhesive which makes installation incredibly easy. The reason interior designers love using luxury vinyl tiles is because of the artificial colours that manufacturers have been able to create. They can replicate the appearance of natural wood, tiles or stone without the added cost.