4 Things to Consider Before Designing an Open Office

What makes an open office design a success? Furnishings and layout. The goal of an open office design is of course to enable people to be more productive. There are different types of open office space, but it is up to your business to decide which one will work best for your team. 

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The type of work your team does will play a big role in making the ultimate decision on how you setup your space. Before you start planning and ordering furniture, take a closer look at open office space types. Then choose the furnishings and layout that best fits your business’ unique needs. Here are four basic work modes to consider and help you get started:


Do you need your team to focus above all else? If you need each individual to spend their time devoted to their tasks, privacy is a must. The layout you choose should include private offices and workstations. The furnishings should also contribute to healthy focus spaces.


Do you need your team to come together on a daily basis, bouncing ideas off of one another? Create spots throughout the office that are specifically designed for collaboration. This will make sure they have a comfortable space to gather when they need to have a conversation and brainstorm with the rest of the team.


Would you prefer that employees have the chance to meet up and be social over more than just work? Be sure to work cafeterias and other multiuse gathering spaces into your design. They create opportunities for your team to jump into quick conversations that could lead to collaboration down the road.


For many businesses, having a designated training space is unnecessary. For others, creating a spot where employees can further their training and learn is critical. If you need to be able to have your team gather for periodic training, think about flexible furnishings and layouts, like conference rooms. 

The right open office layout can help your team be successful and actually improve employee retention. The way a space is arranged is just as important as what you place in it. The key is to make space transitions functional, while also thinking about future flexibility. 

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Author Bio: Melissa Rayner is the 2nd generation owner of Trader Boys, where you will find quality office furniture in Los Angeles. She does her best writing at home in her sunny southern California garden.