Possible Problems You Might face with a Tankless Water Heater

Thanks to tankless water heaters, we can now take showers without worrying if the water is sufficient or not. It provides us continuous amount of hot water and even lower our monthly expenses whether it’s powered by gas or electric. In any equipment that we may have at home, it is always necessary to have them maintained in order for them to have longer life span and tankless water heaters are no different in this matter.

If you can choose the best tankless water heater then it would normally last for about 20 years, there are times that you might encounter some problems that could either be very simple that you can fix them immediately or some that are too complicated that it needs special attention.


Common Problems with Tankless Water Heaters

Water Flow

A tankless water heater will greatly depend on your water’s flow rate. There are times that users will experience having too low of water supply and this could lead to either very low water temperature or water getting too hot. Either way, they are both inconvenient to the user.

In this case, it is very important that you know the water supply in your area and choose a tankless water heater that is designed for it. Other reasons for this type of problem would be water leaks, clogging in the pipes as well as mineral build up.

Hard Water

Since it has been established by most users that tankless water heaters could last for more than 15 years, this can also vary when too much mineral buildup takes place in your unit. Areas with hard water are very prone to this and usually the cause of their heater’s poor performance. Aside from maintaining it with regular flushing or other cleaning process recommended by the manufacturer, you can also install water softener to avoid this type of problem.

Low Water Temperature or Water is Too Hot

While it is likely that you will have this problem if your tankless water heater is still new, these issue are more common to users with older heaters. If you are taking a shower and suddenly felt that the temperature of the water is decreasing dramatically, this could be a problem with its thermostat.

This also goes the same if you are getting water that is too hot. Since you can adjust the temperature gauge, double check if you are getting the right temperature based on the gauge. If not, it would be best to have them checked right away.

Colored Water

There are times that you might experience getting colored water, usually rusty color, when you turn on the faucet. At times, it could even have a foul smell too. Although you can consider the main water supply for this problem, you can also check on the anode of your water heater. These metals are exposed to heat all the time and may cause for it to rust over time. If this is the case, it would be best to replace them right away.

As other problems may arise, it is always best to consult a professional to look in to the probable cause and resolve the problem right away. Remember to not attempt to do it on your own unless you have complete knowledge on what you are doing.

You can also check on the manufacturer’s warranty information to inquire if a certain problem is still covered by their warranty. And for a need of replacing some of its parts, getting genuine original parts from the makers is the best way to go. Lastly, keep your tankless water heaters well maintained to avoid major problems and inconveniences.