Pros and Cons of acoustic plasters ceiling

We supply our seamless acoustic plaster system to a variety of companies all over the World.

The acoustic plaster ceiling is so useful in many ways either in the absorption of noise or adding a good look to the interior. It fulfils various purposes. The acoustic ceiling has become the symbol of modernity and sophistication these days as people are very much aware of the importance of acoustic plaster ceilings and their features.

The three key steps which raise the need for acoustic plaster are:-

  • Sound absorption:-Reductionof excessive noise within the environment with the help of the sound absorptive materials. This will lead to clear and improved communication and other voice-related distraction in the working area.
  • Sound insulation:-Reducing sound transmission through walls, ceilings, doors, and windows is essential for privacy in the working area as well as personal spaces.
  • Zoning:-Preparing intelligent layout, keeping in mind the proper use of acoustic will helps in the zoning of appropriate cabinets in an office. Even this will support in maintaining proper decorum in the working area.

Acoustic plaster and ceiling panels are the most opted one for the office spaces. It can also be used on residential premises too. But majorly it has been installed in places where there is a need for a noise-free environment.

Here are some pros and cons of acoustic plaster and ceiling.

Everything has its own use, importance as well as advantages and disadvantages. Similarly, the acoustic plaster ceiling with having so many benefits also has various disadvantages too. 

Pros of acoustic plaster:-

  1. It is a task of ease to install an acoustic plaster ceiling, that too, with the help of the right kind of tools. Although one can install the roof on his own, it is advisable to take help from a professional and skilled contractor in order to get accurate work on time.
  1. With the help of acoustic plaster, and ceiling, one can add a great look to the interior of the house and office. It gives a smooth and seamless look and offers various colours, designs, styles, etc.
  1. Helpful in hiding the ductwork, water pipes, electric wires which gives a clean and neat look.
  1. This ceiling plays a key role in acoustics and sound absorption. It is designed in such a way that it adds to noise reduction, which makes the space quiet and calm.
  1. Economical or Affordable to install as compared to other ceilings available. Renovation can be done with ease as they are removable.

Cons of acoustic plaster:-

  1. One of the significant disadvantages of acoustic ceilings is that it reduces the height of the room to several inches as it is hung below the existing ceiling.
  1. It requires proper maintenance on time as it doesn’t have a long life. It could be stained or decoloured with passing the time.
  1. Ceilings are not as strong as the traditional ceilings. In case of any natural calamities like earthquakes, they could get unstable.
  1. Another risk of the acoustic ceiling is the falling of fixtures due to any substantial reasons.

Hence, it can be said that you can opt acoustic ceiling but keeping every pros and con in mind.