So how to find the best push broom?

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Cleaning can save your home from negative energy and make it attractive and comfortable to live in. But some problems are little talked about just because it takes a long time before they are discovered. No one cleans toilets every weekend (as a rule), and no one pushes furniture every day to vacuum underneath. However, dust is still there and it turns into lumps of dirt, which must be removed carefully. For this, housewives use brooms. This is a handy tool for cleaning up old dust or getting rid of ingredients spilled on the floor.

What are the push brooms?

There are many different brooms. Some are used for dusty work. For example, during construction and building, where are a lot of construction waste appears on the site. In such cases, push brooms with a stiffer bristle and a sturdy base are used. A plastic household mop isn’t suitable for sweeping stones and clay.

For home cleaning, use brooms with delicate bristles to avoid scratching the floor. If you’ve spilled sugar or oatmeal before breakfast, don’t worry about crumbs spreading all over the room. If you have a small home push broom and scoop, that’s okay.

So how to find the best push broom?

1. Look at the handle. A good broom has a sturdy handle that doesn’t break or bend from touching the floor. It’s also important that the handle is thin to get hard-to-reach places.

2. The brush hardness. Too hard brushes can leave unpleasant scratches on the floor, which at first will be hardly noticeable, but then they will actively scrub each time you clean. A too soft brush isn’t able to grasp dust or spilled grits, it’ll just spread it on the floor. Therefore, compare the options and choose something in between.

3. Material. Aluminum brushes are usually tougher than others. However, modern plastic also has excellent strength and, besides, it’s much lighter. The best way to test it is to gently bend the handle right in the store. But be slight! Don’t break it down! You will hear a characteristic crackling sound if the material isn’t strong enough.

4. Size. Hard-to-reach places are usually quite narrow. For example, the gap between your couch and the wall where a packet of chips fell requires a small push broom to remove the crumbs from. Always remember this metaphor when choosing an instrument.

So now you know how to choose the best push broom for your home cleaning. We hope these little tips were helpful! Good luck and remember – the best broom is determined by crunch.