Sod installation in 5 easy steps

Every day you come home from work or running errands you notice your grass having missing patches where the grass has either died and been rubbed away from people walking on it. You see this and think this is ugly. So you ask yourself what can I do about my grass? That is simple all you need to do is replace the old grass with new. However, you want to do this yourself to save money but you’re unsure of how to go about it and do it the right way. Here I will go over a few tips on how to do sod installation so that you can do it yourself and the right way the first time. It really is not that hard so I am sure you can do it.

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First off you will need to start off by getting the ground ready. This does not necessarily mean to rip up the old sod. In many cases the new sod installation is placed on top of the old grass. There are just a few things you must do before you put down the new sod. You may not want to rip up the old sod but you will still have to do things to it to make sure the ground is ready for the new sod. First you must cut the grass on a very low setting so that the grass is very short. After you cut the grass you will need to make sure it is level and clear of any debris and all holes that you may see. Use dirt to fill in holes and a rake to clear debris. It is very important that the ground is level or the new grass will not look very good.

If you do prefer to get the old sod out of the way first all you need to do is use a shovel and dig up the old grass. After all the grass is out of the way you will need to make sure the ground is level before you begin to put the new grass down.

Next you will need to make sure the edges are prepared and ready for the new grass. You will need to dig down a little beside driveways and walkways so that when you place the new sod down it will be level with the side walk or drive way. You do not want to have a grass that is not level because it may cause people to trip and fall.

Then you must spread fertilizer all over the area you are laying new sod. Putting down fertilizer will allow the grass to grow in rich and in an environment that is healthy for it making your grass grow and be healthy.

Now it is time to lay down the new sod. You will want to start near the edge of the sidewalk, house or drive way and work your way out. Make sure you stagger the grass so that you have a long piece of grass then a short piece so that the grass will grow into each other and not have lines in the grass that you just put down. However be sure not to overlap the edges. While you are laying down the sod make sure the edges are level as you go so you do not have to go back and fix anything.

Lastly you water your new lawn. You will need to water the lawn for at least one hour per day for the next ten days to ensure it’s roots grow deep into the ground and the grass is healthy.