Swimming Pool at Home, These are Tips for Making it

The remaining land on the side or back of the house can be used as a garden or swimming pool. Making a pond can add to the freshness and coolness of the house. Usually, the size of a home swimming pool is around 3×6 meters or 18 square meters. Then, what are the tips for making a swimming pool in the area of the house?


Semi-permanent swimming pools can be made of wooden planks. Then assembled with a special technique into the pool wall. then given a waterproof layer so that it can hold water. This swimming pool model is usually on the ground, a kind of large water tub above the ground. To enter the pool required a kind of small ladder. For example, wood-plastic composite materials, PVC, or sheet metal. Then it can be assembled into a wall and given a waterproof material to hold pool water.


Portable swimming pools are made of special rubber material which is inflated to form a large tub of water. The rubber material will be pumped with an electric pump, after a water bath is formed, it will be filled with water.

Swimming pool construction costs

There are several factors that affect the components of work execution, such as excavation work, base work and reinforced concrete walls, surface coating finishing work, mechanical work on pumps, pipelines, and electricity.
Roughly speaking, swimming pool work costs around Rp. 5 million per square meter of pool, so if 18 square meters will cost around Rp. 100 million. the price of Rp. 5 million is with standard or middle-class material specifications.
The distribution of funding is approximately 10 percent for excavation, 30 percent for reinforced concrete, 35 percent for finishing, 25 percent for mechanical and electrical.

Swimming pool maintenance

Technically, the effort to make the walls and bottom of the pool not leaking is to use watertight concrete, which is concrete that is given special additives to produce watertight concrete. After that, for additional protection, generally a waterproof layer will be attached to the inner surface of the swimming pool wall. There are several types of waterproofing coatings, they can be applied liquid or heat-adhesive sheets. This waterproof layer will be protected with plaster, then covered with finishing. Moreover, to further enhance the cleanliness and longevity of your swimming pool, considering the addition of swimming pool screen enclosures can be a smart move. These enclosures not only help keep out debris and insects but also reduce the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance. Meanwhile, for operation and maintenance, the pipeline network must provide water filtering and drainage facilities so that water is constantly exchanged through the pump, piping, and water treatment systems. If this system is working properly, replacement and draining can be done less often, so that water is not wasted.