The Benefits of Hiring a DWI Defense Attorney

If you have recently been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and are facing additional charges, it’s time to start looking for a reliable houston dwi defense attorney. A DWI conviction can lead to serious consequences, such as loss of driving privileges to even more serious fines reaching into the hundreds. In some states, a DUI can even result in jail time. While the penalties differ from state to state, there is one common element with most all DWI charges-the lawyer handling your case will almost always provide the best possible outcome if you are facing this type of criminal accusation.

The possibility of further charges stemming from their initial arrest

One of the first things many people face when they are accused of DUI is the possibility of further charges stemming from their initial arrest. After their arrest, most people are hit with additional DUI charges. Some of these include suspicion or evidence of driving under the influence (DUI), driving without a valid license, failure to appear at an alcohol education or treatment program, and so on. In many cases, the original DUI charges can be upgraded after facing these additional charges, which means that a DUI conviction can become a complex and lengthy criminal case.

The idea behind drunk driving laws is to protect drivers from the grave danger of death or injury caused by drunk driving. Unfortunately, when people are convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI) and receive a prison sentence, their criminal record stays public. This means that if they later commit other crimes such as another DUI, their sentence will still be displayed on their criminal record. In many ways, these charges serve as a permanent record of the person’s life, including the DUI convictions that may have followed their initial arrest for DWI.

Lifetime DWI penalties

There are many reasons why it’s necessary to hire a skilled DWI defense attorney if you have been charged with DUI. First, any drunk driving conviction is on your driving record and can remain there for up to 10 years. Even a second DWI arrest is still considered a conviction, so you stand a good chance of having lifetime DWI penalties hanging over your head. For this reason, it’s essential to immediately consult with a competent and experienced DWI lawyer before you decide to plead guilty to your charges.

Second, even if you are guilty of DWI, hiring a knowledgeable drunk driving defense attorney can improve your chances of avoiding a significant number of jail time and substantial fines. A skilled lawyer who has experience in fighting cases such as yours can help you fight for more than the minimum jail sentence possible. Several states consider at least a part of a drunk driving conviction to be a sentence for society. While many people understand the legal difficulties involved in fighting charges such as DWI, some are unaware of the far-reaching consequences that such a crime can have on their lives.

DWI defense attorneys work to defend clients who have been charged with driving under the influence or DUI. Because drunk driving cases are so complex, many lawyers choose to work only for the most serious of charges. In many cases, an attorney who works only for the most serious of drunk driving offenses may not have the appropriate experience to handle situations that fall between those extremes. This means that hiring an attorney who works for all types of drunk driving cases can be more beneficial to someone who doesn’t already have a great deal of experience with drunk driving cases. It can also mean that you’ll be able to make sure your rights are protected throughout the entire process. Hiring a DWI defense attorney is therefore essential for anyone who faces a drunk driving offense.