The problems with a Boiler that you need look for.


You don’t want to think about the boiler in the kitchen or wherever its kept. You just hope that is doing its job and performing like it should do. However if it starts to play up and not pull its weight it’s time for you to call the services of a Boiler Repair Gloucester firm such as the one at Here are a few things to look out for so you’ll be able to understand what’s happening. What ever you do, do not try and fix this yourself. A boiler is complex machine channelling electricity, water and natural gas around your home and it requires a specialist to correct it. Call the team before you do anything and touch nothing.

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One of the most common signs there is a fault will probably seem obvious and you’ll pick up on it straight away. Firstly, there will be no hot water or, if its that time of year, no warmth in the radiators. There should be very little signs of life coming from the boiler. It’s a good idea to see if the pilot light has gone out. This ignites the gas literally firing up the boilers. There may be a simple draught coming into the unit putting it out or there may be an issue with the gas supply. You can follow the instruction manual to restart this but if it doesn’t cooperate then its time to call in the experts.

There are a few general issues that can be attributed to a boiler failing.  A very common problem is a build up of sludge and gunk in the pipes. This can be as a result of living in a hard water area. Basically, the pipes become full and start to restrict the flow of water making the boiler work twice as hard as it should. Once this happens it can also have an effect on the efficiency of the boiler increasing your gas use as the water can’t get round the pipes as quickly as it should. Regular servicing can help as the engineer will clean and flush out the system. This will also be the cause if the boiler starts making strange banging noises or sounding like a kettle.

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One of the most common issues with a radiator is the lack of heat. This is quite usual around the time you come to turn the heating back on after the summer. Its generally thought that the 1st October is the date for the heating to come back on and a call out can be avoided if you bleed the radiator. Its quite a simple job. You just use a radiator key, which are readily available to get, and release the air from inside it. There is no need to fully open the valve as if you do the system water will start to pour out. Have a towel handy.