Throwing Hundreds Down the Drain

According to EPA, an average family in the United states waste about more than 180 gallons per week, which is about 9,400 gallons of water every single year from little household leaks, such as a leaking faucet, shower or toilet. When you are looking at it form a nationwide standpoint, that is about 900 billion gallons of water every year that is wasted in the United States. Many people don’t realize how much water you can waste from allowing your faucet, shower or toilet to leak every day. There is thousands and thousands of gallons wasted every single year from Americans allowing their faucets to run leaky water. In addition, you are not just wasting water from the environment, but you are throwing away hundreds and thousands of dollars every single year by allowing it to happen. All it takes is a small repair for you to save hundreds of dollars every single year. Make sure that you perform regular inspections to your faucets to prevent water waste.

There are many homeowners every single year who throw away hundreds and thousands of dollars into letting their faucets leak. Sometimes, many homeowners are not even aware that they have leaky faucets because they don’t invest the time into inspecting their units thoroughly. Many people talk about saving money and cutting costs down, but what they fail to realize is that they can cut costs down by simply performing regular inspections throughout their home. If they can catch these leaks in advance, they are able to make the necessary repairs, thus saving money in the long run. According to Huffingtonpost, Americans are now using up more than 127 percent of water since the year of 1950. Small things add up that waste water in the home, such as allowing your water to run while your brushing your teeth can cost you more than 4 gallons of water wasted. Another interesting fact is that older toilets can use 3 gallons of water after every single flush. Newer toilets utilize less water.

But many homeowners fail to realize is that with simple repairs in their homes, they can make huge changes on the amount of money they spend every year on wasted water. They are also able to help the environment by reducing the amount of water that is wasted. It is important that more Americans become more aware of how much water they are wasting. If you were looking to save on money you should think about making basic repairs to cut costs. You can start by conducting an online search for: faucet repair Bellevue WA. From here you should get a list of professional to contact to find out about making necessary repairs to your home.

Overall, it is very important to conduct regular inspections in your home. You never want to allow your faucets to leak, even it is only very little. These small leaks found in your home can cost you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run. If you need help, make sure that you go online to do your research and how you can find a professional to help you cut costs.