Top Grilling Tips for the Summer

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Grilling is a staple of the summer time. Many people boast about a secret method, or special combination of spices. Some people have their own special techniques that have been passed down through the family. Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to grilling you can try for your next barbecue.

Firstly, you should clean off the grill. While some will say the flavors of past meals can help carry the ones of the future, this is generally not the case. Preheating the grill, then taking a wire brush and wiping down the grates is recommended. There is some misconceptions when it comes to grilling, especially from people who haven’t done it that much. For most meats, such as ground beef or chicken, the less flipping the better. In fact most meats only require one flip, so both sides can be evenly cooked. The more you mess with the food, the more of the natural juices are lost in the process. Along those same lines, you shouldn’t flatten or squeeze your meats. When you flatten the meats it squeezes all the juice out of the meat. This can result in a drier meal, it also hurts the flavor of your final product.

While some grilling tips are universal, it depends also on the type of grill you are using. While it comes mostly down to preference, there is pros and cons to each of the two traditional grill types, gas and charcoal. Gas grills are nice because it is easier. All you have to do is turn it on and it is ready. Gas also tends to be cheaper than its charcoal counterpart. Another benefit of a gas grill is the easy cleanup. Charcoal grills on the other hand share some other pros. Charcoal grills for example are generally much cheaper than their gas grill counterparts. Charcoal grills can also run much hotter than gas grills. Possibly the biggest pro charcoal grills have going for it is the smokey flavor that is provides the meats. However there are some drawbacks. Charcoal is much harder to clean up, also charcoal grills can take some time to setup. Overall the great charcoal vs gas debate comes down to preference. Both types of grills queens ny can provide for a satisfying meal.

There are also some other underrated grilling accessories. Buying a grill pan is cheap and is a great option for grilling things such as veggies or shrimp. If you are using a gas powered grill it is common to get flair ups. These flames can ruin your food, and they can also be dangerous if gotten out of hand. Keeping a water bottle near is generally recommended. The other option is to simply close the grill lid. This will help extinguish the flame, and help prevent any splash back.

Grilling is an art. And like anything, to get better at grilling simply takes practice. There are a thousand methods, and a thousand secrets in the world of grilling. Trial and error is your best bet, when something turns out great take notes. If something needs some fine tuning go back to drawing board. Becoming a grill master takes time, the best time to start is now.