Unforeseen Dangers Of A Leaky Roof

Homeowners anticipate several household problems. But water damage due to a leaking roof tops the list of issues relating to home maintenance. There are several issues associated with a leaky roof, including storm or wind damage, improper installation of the roof, and lack of roof maintenance. Even a minor leak can mess the entire household and may pose other safety risks. Here are some of the unforeseen dangers of a leaky roof every homeowner should worry about.

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Mold and Mildew Issues

One of the most serious consequences of a leaky roof is the growth of mold and mildew. Mold can develop throughout the house structure, from the roof to the HVAC system and through the vents. Mold may also invade the rest of the house, including clothing, furniture, and carpets. Chronic water intrusion causes the growth of black mold, which attacks ceiling tiles, floor coverings, walls, and wood framing. It is costly to get rid of mold.

Increased Utility Bills and Waste of Energy

Another unforeseen effect of a leaking roof is high utility bills since water intrusion affects the insulation of the attic areas. The fiberglass or cellulose insulation gets saturated with water, thus, taking too long to dry. If a roof continues to leak for an extended period, chronic cases of water intrusion end up depleting the insulation completely, and the house would lose cool and hot air, thus, increasing utility bills.

Water Damage May Cause Fire Hazard

If a house has electric wiring on the ceiling or attic area, a leaking roof can cause a threat of a fire outbreak due to a shorted wire. When leaking is spotted in such areas, it is highly recommended that electricity is switched off until the area is examined. Plano roofing contractors ensure that water damages are fixed to avoid fire hazards.

Health Concerns

Mold can pose a serious threat to the health of home occupants, particularly those with nasal congestion, asthma, inflammation, and rhinitis. Once mold forms on the roof, the spores continue to produce and can lead to asthmatic symptoms, allergic reactions, and other serious health concerns.

Damage of Attic and Ceiling Areas

A major unforeseen danger of a leaky roof is the damage of the attic area and ceiling. If the size of the leakage is big, the attic area or the interior ceiling will be damaged. The affected ceiling area will form bubbles and expand as well as darken. The leak will also damage the plaster and paint of the nearby walls. Serious leakage also affects the lights and fans mounted on the ceiling.

Fall and Slip Accidents

A heavily leaking roof can create a pool of water on the floors. This can increase the risk of falls and slip, particularly among the elderly and children. This is a serious threat to the homeowners as well as commercial businesses who may face possible legal action and expensive medical bills.

Structural Damage

A leaking roof compromises the structural integrity of a home. Frequent leak makes the roofing wood to be wet, and eventually rot. Rotten wood can damage the ceiling joists, rafters, trim and fascia boards, and rafters. A home with a leaky roof cannot stand the pressure from heavy weather such as storms and hurricanes.

It is a bad idea to procrastinate the fixing of a leaking roof. It will not only damage many house items but will also get more expensive to repair. Hiring Plano roofing contractors will ensure that your roof leak is appropriately repaired and prevent any added risks.