What Seating should I get for my Home Bar?

Your stylish new home bar created to a unique design will never be complete unless you have seating that your guests will love using. There’s a great choice available from ready to purchase chairs and stools in complementary colours or customised benches that your bar designers can construct to match your bar.

Ready to use Seating

If you have ample space around your bar you might like to purchase off the peg chairs. These can have curved, padded back rests for comfort and even arms for guests to lean on. Materials can include wood, lightweight aluminium frames or polymer resin that is convenient if drinks are spilled. When space is at a premium many bar owners choose high bar stools with discreet foot rests. If your bar is stylishly modern with glass and lustrous metal shelving and bar top, stools can be a perfect complement if they are made of aluminium. A dash of colour can be added with padded seat cushions of leather or a durable fabric. An alternative is to have a supply of folding wooden chairs that can be brought out when the number of your friends has suddenly increased thanks to the attraction of your brand new bar.

Customised benches

Installing an imaginative bar in a cosy alcove in one of your favourite rooms can be made to look even more special if your designers create customised seating. This is an ideal choice if you want to make the most of a limited space. Fixed benches can be made to fit exactly in any part of the recess in a design that matches the bar. If your bar front is decorated with crushed glass panels to catch the light in a thousand ways, the base of your benches can be made to match. Comfortable leather upholstered cushions and back rests in a brilliant red or deep blue can add the perfect finishing touch. Benches that are made of timber to match the reproduction of a Victorian bar complete with antique beer pumps can be fitted with carved backs set with panels of stained glass or upholstery. Customised seating is worth investing in as it creates a seamless, stylish appearance that adds to the uniqueness of your home bar.

Futuristic Designs

Home bars have evolved dramatically from the ready made, mass produced versions of previous decades. They are now unique with styling to translate fanciful ideas or complement the traditional features of your home. The excitement of installing a home bar that is sure to be the envy of your friends deserves to have the best seating. When buying versatile chairs or stools look for compact items that are a comfortable height for your bar. If you are investing in a unique bar designed and installed by the creative team at Dawndale you owe it to your stylish home bar to have unique seating to match.