3 Ways Concrete Works for Homeowners

Considering the rapid advances in technology, it might be surprising that one of the most common building materials in use today was popular thousands of years ago. That is the case, however, with concrete. With its earliest employment dating back 8,500 years, concrete has been a solid option for homeowners and builders of every era. Despite numerous alternatives on the market, concrete has cemented its place among the construction kings. Here are three reasons why homeowners’ love for the product has only grown stronger.


Concrete offers a lot of benefits for safety conscious consumers. As a fire-resistant material, there is no worry of it igniting and burning. Its structural integrity can withstand the effects of harsh weather and earthquakes. Well-sealed concrete floors help prevent radon from seeping into the home and allergen levels are improved by eliminating mold and mildew growth. Concrete is safe to use, but make sure you are safe when using it. Always don eye protection and wear waterproof gloves around fresh concrete. It’s extremely heavy, so use a support brace to protect your back when lifting.

Low Maintenance

With relatively little upkeep, concrete will last a lifetime. Outdoor surfaces should be regularly swept to prevent stains from grass clippings, leaves and other material. Washing removes potentially damaging chemicals and keeps it looking like new. The most important step, however, may be applying a waterproof sealer. This protects against water intrusion, mold growth and cracking while also guarding outdoor concrete against the sun’s harmful UV rays. There are many DIY sealers on the market, but a professional contractor may give your concrete the best protection. Search online for basement or garage floor coating chicago or in your area to see what services are available.


Homeowners love the strength and durability concrete provides. After all, if it’s sturdy enough for use in bridges, dams, highways and high rises, it’s plenty tough for any home improvement project. When properly treated, concrete will even grow stronger over time. Its resistance to erosion and tolerance of high traffic makes it a popular choice for driveways, walkways, steps and garage floors. Colors, designs and patterns can even be worked into patios or basement floors with the use of decorative concrete. Repair and replacement costs also are kept at bay due to its protection against wear and tear.

From performance to protection to price, concrete has a lot to offer homeowners. It’s built a strong reputation over many centuries, and chances are it’s in use on your property.