Everything about Wrought Iron Fencing

A couple of decades ago, iron fencing was mostly used for decorative design until chain link and vinyl fencing didn’t become more popular. Because it is more expensive, people decided to use other types that can do almost as good as iron. Still, some of the best designs use this material and if you can afford it, many professionals will recommend this option.

It has some features that vinyl doesn’t have but it depends on the customer needs. You need to pick carefully the company that will do the job for you because sometimes the project can be very difficult to execute and it is always very heavy. Some of the most important features are that it lasts much longer than other types and it doesn’t need that much maintenance. Make sure that the company you choose has experience in wrought iron fencing.

Types of Iron Fencing

There are a few types that you might notice in your area and Essex Fence Panel is popular because of its right point finial with detailed scrollwork underneath. It is very popular because it looks like something a palace would have. Very similar to this type is the Concord Fence that also has round spear point but underneath you will find horizontal bars with rings.

The third type is Concorde Deluxe with round spear point finials, dog pickets, horizontal frames and consecutive rings. This is an older style that goes very well with older buildings. A great thing about Arche style is that you can combine it with any type of iron gates. It has round spear point finial which gives it a neutral look. The Pool fence is very simple in design with a smooth rail and simple pickets.

How Safe Are Iron Fences?

If you look at the most used types of fences, this one is the safest because it is very hard to jump over it because of the sharp points most of them have. Because of their weight, it is also hard to break it. Many households have safety problems so you might consider this type of fencing only because of this feature.

The disadvantage is that you won’t have much privacy. Most of the designs aren’t with full iron plates. A good tip to solve this is to place it as far from the house as you can and combine it with a brick fence. It might not look as great as it was but you will have enough privacy.

Installing an Iron Fence

Before you start installing it, think about it once more because if you end up not liking it, you will have a struggle with getting rid of it because of its weight. If you are sure about your decision, pick a gate that will fit the design and the architecture of your house. An advantage is that you have unlimited design options for the gates.

Everyone will mention a couple of times the weight it will have so remember that you might need a permit. You will need to assure that the gate won’t fall over and harm someone. Always have a concrete base for it. You will need to decide how much material you will use. Try to get as much information as you can from the company that will work on the project. Because the installation is complicated than other options, make sure that you are following all regulations and zoning instructions. It is recommended that you get professional help because you will need special equipment meant for this job.

Why Use Wrought Iron Fences?

You should always use wrought iron instead of pure because it is more rust-resistant. When eventually it happens, you can just use paint to cover it. The best feature is its longevity that will depend on how much you maintain it but there is a reason why they call it hundred-year fencing.

If you have children and pets, they will be safer and the only thing you should think about is the style you use so the children won’t get injured. Unlike some other types, you won’t need to replace a larger portion of the fence if something gets damaged. It is very eco-friendly if you consider that the parts can be reused, unlike wooden fences. Click here to read more.