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When the hot water boiler loses pressure, it will no longer function properly and the water will no longer be able to be heated. This can play havoc with the home being comfortable during the cold winter months. Luckily, when this happens, all is not lost, and there are ways to fix this if one is handy for minor do-it-yourself projects regarding boilers.

Step 1

Turn the boiler off before attempting to work on it. The time span between shutting the boiler off and working on it should be, preferably, four to six hours. Failure to do so could result not only in damage to the boiler but an injury to the person doing the repairs.

Step 2

There is a tray under the boiler that must be pulled out. To do so, simply reach under and pull it out carefully. Some boilers will have trays that are plastic while some are metal, but all are removed in the same way.

Step 3

After removing the tray from under the boiler, one will notice a plastic or metal key-shaped piece attached to the bottom of it. It will be secured to the tray by a clip. Remove the key and insert it into the keyhole, which should be right next to the manifold nut. Turn it to the unlock position.

Step 4

Using a wrench, turn the manifold nut in a counterclockwise position. Once the water pressure gauge hits the 1.5 indicators, the water pressure should be equalized. If there is too much pressure, locate the nearest radiator and turn its release knob. Be extremely careful while doing this as the air that will be released is not only hot but is under pressure.

Step 5

Turn the manifold nut back clockwise and replace the key to the underneath of the tray. After this, put the tray back under the boiler in a careful manner.

If someone would prefer to have the professionals re-pressurize the boiler for them, make sure to contact a licensed company such as a fox valley plumbing company.