Maintaining a French Drain System

A French drain is an extra part of your home that can successfully prevent much of the water damage that is common in climates that experience plenty of rainfall and snow annually. Keeping this part of your property in good working order requires routine maintenance and occasional repairs.


The Purpose of a French Drain

A French drain is a system installed that is used to direct excess water away from the foundation of the home. It is also used to eliminate areas of water pooling in yards, gardens, and over driveways. Although it is a simple design, it proves useful in reducing water damage to any property it is installed in and maintained. You can also find them installed in basements, but these drains require the assistance of a sump pump to drain the water from a basin into the wastewater pipe.

Drain Clogs

One of the more common problems seen with French Drains is a clog of material in the ends of the drain pipe. Improper installation of the piping that has the holes towards the top can also cause serious clogs. Removal or a fix of the pipe usually clears up the problem right away.

 Insufficient Leach Field to Remove Excess Water

A gravel leach field is installed to help the excess water drain off towards the lower end of the property. You can get a backup of water if the leach field is not large enough to compensate for the amount of excess water that needs draining.

Cracked Drain Pipes

The drain pipe for a French drain can crack over long periods of use. At some point, you will have to get this pipe replaced, especially if it is handling large amounts of moisture and ever-changing temperatures during seasonal change.

 Annual French Drain Maintenance

You should have your French drain system inspected and maintained every year to ensure it lasts a long time. The service technician can tell you what repairs are needed and make sure the pipe is clear of any debris.

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