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We are glad to offer you the best proofreading and editing services. Our reliable company provides professional services, that are aimed to meet all your expectations. We provide a wide range of proofreading and editing services including but not limited to:

  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Business presentations & Memos
  • Brochures & Complete Business plans
  • Novels & short stories
  • Websites/ Web pages
  • Essays / Thesis/ Dissertations/ Tem Papers
  • Sensitive documents handled with extra care

Our top proofreaders adhere strictly to the instructions appointed by you, and they can deliver work in any format that you require including APA or MLA style, Chicago Style, CSE, Turabian and so on.


We Accept All Document Types

The greatest majority of proofreading and editing companies out there will tell you they cannot proofread the document because they do not recognize its extension. We at are glad to announce you that we accept all types of documents, even the rarest types. The extension types we can handle include .rtf, .doc, Excel, PowerPoint, .pdf and many others. When we proofread the document we will always use the tracking features available through Microsoft Word.

This means that you can easily and quickly track any changes that we have made. We create all the necessary changes, but you will always be able to track them and see how our work progressed.

When you use the services of any other editing companies, they will send you the document but then you will have to spend hours on comparing documents to be able to track the changes. The documents our team at delivers will always contain the annotations in the right-had margin of the document. Read carefully the final version, and accept or reject the work. It’s that simple with us!

Top Quality Editors & Proofreaders employs only the best professional copyeditors with a proven track of delivering quality work at the highest standards. Whenever an applicant cannot make proof of an academic degree, we will not hire that applicant. Many people believe they can proofread or edit any paper, but in fact they do not have the required academic background to be able to do that.

Your discretion & privacy matters

By taking advantage of our proofreading services, rest assured we will offer you the best possible experience. We guarantee confidentiality and privacy of your personal details. You can place your order with us confidently, as we use SSL encryption in order to protect your privacy and personal details information.

We work until you are satisfied

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the results, our team of highly skilled and trained copy editing specialists will re-work the document as many times as required to offer you the best results. We provide these changes at no extra cost so contact us today to discuss your needs and requirements in more detail. helps you improve your writing, regardless of whether you are a student, a business person or even a professional writer. Our help can make the difference in your writing!

We employ the best writers

Did you know that hiring a professional copyeditor can cost you as much as $40 per hour? What if you need to proofread and edit 100 pages? You can definitely not afford to pay a month’s salary on copyediting services.

However, at, we ensure to provide top quality services at the most affordable prices. Our prices are custom tailored to meet your availability, because we understand that everyone should be able to have access easily to such services.

Improve your writing

Many students contact us looking for a good essay editor. Students managed to write their papers, but they now require the eye of a specialist to make the paper perfect. experts are here for you to help you check your paper for plagiarism, or to edit the entire 50 or 100-page long essay or thesis.

Our editors will take under scrutiny the entire thesis or dissertation, making sure all the errors are nicely corrected. We don’t use an online tool like most companies. We don’t check your page in 10 minutes. We take the necessary time to check the entire document word by word, page by page.

Clear & Compelling Writings experts will indeed help making your paper much clearer, better structured, and more professional. Even the great government departments now make use of portals such as in order to enhance their wide palette of writings (speeches, legislations, business plans, proposals, etc.). We guarantee to provide a 100% secure platform even for the most sensitive documents. Trust us for the best results.

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