DC ceiling fan vs. AC ceiling fan. Which one should you buy?

There are hundreds of Direct Current or DC ceiling fans that are being introduced in the markets worldwide. The DC ceiling fans are extremely affordable, and they consume much less power than the other electrical variations of the machines. But before making up your mind with the answer of the question above, you must know the difference between the DC ceiling fans as well as the AC or alternative current ceiling fans which are laid below for your convenience of understanding.

The basic understanding of AC and DC

Electrical motors are of two different types, one is the alternative current motor, while the other is the direct current motor. AC motor reverses the direction of the current flow, while the DC motors enable the flow of the current in a single direction only. A majority of the ceiling fans and other such household appliances make use of the AC motors because the distribution of the energy will be flown evenly, making it convenient to save a lot of money. The Alternative Current motors function when they are connected to the direct source of power. It is this power source that can create the required amount of force needed to rotate the ceiling fan’s rotor. In the case of the Direct Current motors, the alternative current power is connected to a transformer which then converts the power into direct current. The result is that the amount of power which is used with the help of direct current can be used in the lesser amount of alternative current. For the creation of further force, the DC motor makes use of the magnets of opposite polar properties. It is important to know that the current models of the ceiling fans that come with DC motors are not compatible enough to be connected directly to the direct current power sources like batteries or solar panels.

The advantages of Direct Current Motor Fans and Alternative Current Motor Fans

A. The advantages of DC Motor Ceiling fans

  • In a majority of the cases, the DC Motor Ceiling Fans use lesser energy, nearly 70% less than AC Motor ceiling fans.
  • These fans are very quiet when switched on
  • The speed options are more, and the fans also have reverse function features along with a remote.
  • The start and stop function are fast, and the speeds can also be changed.
  • The compactor is light which in turn favors for a slimmer design of the entire contour

B. The advantages of the AC Motor ceiling fans

  • AC Motor Ceiling fans are very much affordable when they are compared to the models of the AC motors during the peak times of usage; the AC fans save a lot of money too.
  • The AC fans are controlled from the walls, remote or even a pull cord.

The AC motor ceiling fans are extremely affordable and come with high sped. An efficient model will use no more than 100 watts of power.


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